Author Topic: What do you think of vaporwave enthusiasts that never experienced the 80s/90s?  (Read 188 times)

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With vaporwave being a recent genre in the grand scheme of things, it is logical that some people born in the 2000s, such as me, would discover and enjoy vaporwave. But at its core, vaporwave is a nostalgic genre, nostalgic for something we simply can't have nostalgia for. Do you think it legitimate to enjoy vaporwave even without having experienced the time where the sampled songs came out?

Anyone who would argue that you can't enjoy a generation of music because of your age is ageist and wrong.

Same goes for people who denounce vaporwave songs that AREN'T particularly sampled. It's a constantly evolving genre.

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People keep mentioning constantly how the Millenial generation spans from 1980-2000 when in reality it's true span was from 1975-1994. The reason why is because when we are born we are not immediately part of the collective that participates in the experience of the zeitgeist, infant amnesia leaves a person without proper participation and representation until the age of 5, with that in mind, someone born in 1995 will begin their proper participation in the year 2000 and thus never truly experience what the 90s were like to begin with [same for anyone born in 1975 not experiencing the 70s for the aforementioned reason].

To this stands the case that although Vaporwave was created by the Millenial generation to express their nostalgia this is in fact not limited only to this group of individuals, the Millenial Generation is not the last generation before the rise of the Monoculture we all experience around the world today, the Centennial generation is. This means we still have a group that has the potential to bring the content they are truly nostalgic about instead of what the genre's time period was based on.
I am not a Millenial, by the time I was conscious of what I liked plastic clothing and straight hair was all the rage, not high waisted pants and hairspray. Due to this the content I create reflects how I feel about my past and what I find nostalgic because even though the music from the previous century has a feel that nobody can reproduce anymore due to the lack of soul in the industry, it was not what I experienced to my day to day basis.

I leave by stating the following: Vaporwave will not die if the medium is not stubborn to evolve towards the needs of everyones nostalgia and amazing content can await all of us if we don't become purists for the sake of staying close to the classics. I hope you have a nice day <3 ;)