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Tell me when you post Bandcamp Links
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When you Post and share your bandcamp links and If you want it to be playable on the forum, make sure to use to contact  me because the Iframe code wont work for users unless I edit the post. Sorry it is for security reasons

ARCADE ADVENTURE VISION アーケード is from Torrelodones, Spain . This Album was released today on may 12, 2018. The track “Shopping Again” sounds like a mixture of Tribal drum beats and 80s smooth soul. I LOVE it.

It is my favorite song of the album. The overall Album is like a cool vaporwave soul.
슈퍼마켓Yes! We’re Open by 식료품groceries | ambient
Go to your local grocey store and shop for your favorite FIJI water and banna
Summer Hits vol. 1 by Vercetti || Future Funk || Vice City

Summer Hits Vol1 is made by Vercetti, a talented artist based in Argentina. The Album has a smooth future funk vibe to it. You will feel like traveling down the breeze of Miami Vice. It has a smooth Vice city sound. My favorite track would have to be Leaf Links (ft. SΔDИΣSS PЯIИCΣSS).

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Re: Tell me when you post Bandcamp Links
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I realize now that you edited my link to make it work - thank you admin!!

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Re: Tell me when you post Bandcamp Links
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alternatively, you can post the url of your album and it will embed; however when you use the embed share tool it will not work for some reason.