Author Topic: It’s that time of year again: what are the BEST Vaporwave releases of the year?  (Read 831 times)

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What are the best, the tightest, the most OUTSTANDING albums in our beloved genre 2018 had to offer!?

Post them!! Discuss them!! Link them!!
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Here are my picks.

3D BLAST - Promise World
chris††† - deep dark trench
Nanoshrine - Worldport
Dan Mason - Void
videofashion - seasonal depression
Wizard of Loneliness - ミューティオ
power_lunch - DONKEYKONGWAVE
s h e e p - Simsoft

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interesting! great way to learn of new and good releases! This was for me the year I discovered vaporwave (februari iirc) and been hooked since. I think this was quite a strong year for vaporwave with some fantastic albums released. I think these are my pics for now:

Best releases:
Kevin - Angel
Catsystem corp - Palm Mall Mars
Polygon Dream - Zeldawave
Deathbed 420 - s k y m a l l
Windows 96 - One Hundred Mornings
死夢VANITY - lovely reveries
bakmahn - Downstream Integration
S U R F I N G - Incubo

album of the year:
Diskette Park - Stray

Jam of the summer:
Pool House Ltd. - BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol.3
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