Author Topic: All telepath's and hfm's discography.  (Read 375 times)

All telepath's and hfm's discography.
« on: March 22, 2019, 08:01:06 AM »
Hi not sure if this is allowed but anyway, anyone wanting every single telepath (with all alias') and haircuts for men album, or if they missed the downloads, mega download links are below. They are like 10+ gigs each so yeah..... Also I have linked another website which shows you all albums released by Dream Catalogue and can downloaded em for free instead of having to pay 4 pound for em:


Telepath (including all alias such as Scintillation!):!MawkFarL!Sj7nBXCl0ToV8Jbc89qBUA

DC Mirrors:

Enjoy :)

Re: All telepath's and hfm's discography.
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This is an awesome archive thanks for putting it up  8)
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