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Attention Vaporwave artists
« on: May 31, 2018, 02:06:46 PM »
This board if for you guys to discuss, help, and Collaborate. If you are an artist, composer, or record label, just send me a PM and you will have access to this board.
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Re: Attention Vaporwave artists
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Update: As im trying to organize the structure of the forum, I think all self promotion should be done in their respective boards. For example, If you have an album or track under vaporwave you should self promote on the Vaporwave General board, the same thing with Future funk and Synthwave in their respective boards.

You can still post your album if you are still working on it and need some help but the finished product should be in those boards.

We will still have the monthly producers thread on the Vaporwave Artists board though. Im doing this because I think it would be better for the organization of the threads on here.

Thank You!  :)
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