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Vaporwave: MEGAPOL_IS by WTF.FM

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on: May 25, 2019, 05:46:39 PM
In 2891, in the megapol_is, the human-dolphin make the law.

The last human beings who survived the 30th World War have been reduced to sexual slavery and forced labor ...

The human-dolphin, with intelligence and physical strength a thousand times superior to those of humans, quickly took control of AUDA都市, their capital.

They also imposed on humans a religion and a philosophy of life based on the excessive consumption of sugary drinks and vaporwave music : the Space Van radio station became the only radio station on the planet still available on the airwaves. it is obligatory 2 hours a day for all humans. (Not to mention the morning special "Slushwave" broadcast via a giant speaker throughout the city).

The architecture of the cityl is very strange ... The buildings are often pale pink and blue and the children's games have been replaced by huge pools filled with ancient Greek statue. To live as a free human being in this hybrid-dolphin system is a challenge. This is why the anarchist militias quickly emerged with the intention of fleeing to an exo-planet close to our solar system: the planet HAYDEN...


Visual tape art design by Javier (Ebt Brokeboy), Patryk Ludamage and Jérémie

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