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This is an awesome album released by palm84! This is a smooth ambient album that takes unique samples from various different VHS Pop Styles. This album makes me see things in the old SEGA days when that company was actually GOOD.

Artist's Description
EPSON is the undisputed king of VHS Pop. Starting off in 2016, he released his debut album 'Midnight Radio Deluxe' on the label FANTASY☆DELUXE, the album becoming a late night lo-fi cult classic. Later that year, he would release 'heart & soul' on luxury elite's Prevue Guide label (seen by many as a spiritual successor to her Fortune 500). He carried on this late night lo-fi style through 2017, which would lead to a split release with hotline on Adhesive Sounds and his cult classics 'CASCADIA' and 'ARCADIA' on hotline's own Sunset Recordings.

However, in 2018, something changed. On March 25, 2018, EPSON released his third cult classic, GOODEVENING. Although this style was teased with in EPSON's previous work, on GOODEVENING it became fully realized. This style, known for it's punchy drums and tape hiss effects, is known as VHS Pop.

In November of 2018, EPSON would return to Sunset Recordings, this time bringing along another artist known as channel select (who, similarly to EPSON, went from Late Night Lo-Fi to VHS Pop). The split album that they released was called SAW U LAST NITE, and was hailed by many to be one of the greatest vaporwave albums to come out of 2018, and undoubtedly the greatest VHS Pop one as well.

EPSON has since continued with the style, and in 2019 has released his two albums 'ALL THE THINGS YOU AIN'T' and 'LAST WAVE OUT'. And today, we're here to reissue them both onto cassette for the first time!


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