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Palm Mall Mars
by 猫 シ Corp.

Mankind cheered: not even 100 years after the first human set foot on the moon we made our first Mars colony.

Another 100 years later we cheered again: the first craters on Mars have been succesfully terraformed, cities are built and mankind is ready for it's first migration to another planet. To celebrate Earths Senate CEO opened in 2149 the first Martian shopping mall: PALM MALL MARS !

Today, the year 2199, we celebrate the 50th birthday of Palm Mall Mars. We welcome you with special discounts on luxurious items, grand offers on newly built Ring Worlds and will let you try out the new ARPE! Come visit us and get a 50% discount on your first Poulsen Treatment!

See you at Palm Mall Mars!
 :) Comment and share your thoughts on the album :)


So good like the first Palm Mall :) 猫 シ Corp never dissapoints


Great album, i'm just bummed i wasn't able to score a cassette of it before it sold out.