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Vaporwave concept albums based on other media
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One of my favorite recurring themes in all of vaporwave is when an album or EP comes out that is clearly inspired by and/or using content from a popular movie, TV show, video game, literature, or general piece of fiction/history/lore that relates outside of the music itself. A great example of this would be J U R A S S I C P A R L O R by Valet Girls ( ), one of several albums that has encapsulated my love of Jurassic Park in vaporwave. I myself seek out albums like these when I'm releasing for other artists, and I've even made some myself. (To keep this from being spammy, I won't link to my own here), but I've done albums about the movie Goodfellas, recently am coming out with an Aqua Teen Hunger Force themed vapor album, and am considering what to consider going after next.

There are few genres that go ahead and directly create a sort of 'audible fanfiction' with entire releases like vaporwave does. I'm really happy we have such cool themes to work with.

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Re: Vaporwave concept albums based on other media
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These things tend to be hit-or-miss, depending on whether or not you have a specific memory to the thing the concept album is referring to. I'll check out the jurrasic park one as it sounds like an intriguing idea to vape that up!

You probably know it already, but this is a well-executed concept album based on Zelda:

to an extent this is a conceptalbum as well, because it revolves around the discography of one particular artist:

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