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Wuhan Coronavirus General Discussion Thread
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Below is what we know so far. This thread is to share articles, research, discussion and possible origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

There are currently 12,027 confirmed cases worldwide, including 259 fatalities.

r0 = 4.08

Wuhan has an Institute for Virology, currently chinas only BioSafety Level-4 Lab (

This Institute researched several corona strains, some from bats
Israeli intelligence says this lab is working together with the secret chinese bioweapons program
the "chimera" genome of 2019-nCoV proves that it was at least altered by human beings

Wuhan Institute of Virology has existed since 1956 and already hosted BSL3 laboratories. A BSL4 facility was completed in 2015 and became the first AND ONLY BSL-4 laboratory in China.

The Coronavirus is confirmed LAB MADE involving BATS as a vector.

The purpose of the lab test was to manipulate a bat coronavirus to see if it could infect humans. It was discovered that it could.

One of the co-authors of the above paper has written numerous academic papers on SARS, Ebola, and the Coronavirus.

CONFIRMED patient zero had no contact with the exotic fish/meat market that the Chinese government/media is trying to blame this on.

Massachusetts confirms first case of Coronavirus:
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Officials with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed the first case of the Wuhan coronavirus in the state Saturday.

Health officials said a Boston man in his 20s is confirmed to have the virus after he recently traveled to Wuhan, China.

The DPH and the Boston Public Health Commission were notified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the positive test results late Friday evening.

The man sought medical care soon after his return to Massachusetts, according to officials. He has been isolated since that time and will continue to remain isolated until he is cleared by public health officials.

“We are grateful that this young man is recovering and sought medical attention immediately,’’ said Dr. Monica Bharel, Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner. "Massachusetts has been preparing for a possible case of this new coronavirus, and we were fortunate that astute clinicians took appropriate action quickly. Again, the risk to the public from the 2019 novel coronavirus remains low in Massachusetts.”

Officials said his few close contacts have been identified and are being monitored for any sign of symptoms.

This is the eighth case of the Wuhan coronavirus in the United States.

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As of Feburary 3rd
Over half of China under lockdown, accounting for 80% of GDP, 90% of exports

It is “increasingly unlikely that the virus can be contained” says former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Scientists: 75,815 individuals have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020

Infected: 20471
Deaths: 427
Suspected: 23214
Recovered: 632


First death outside China confirmed in Philippines

Airlines suspend flights from China

Hunt for 480 Wuhan travellers lost in Britain

USA bans entry of foreigners who have recently been to China

Still contagious after recovery

r0 = 4.08

2019-nCoV infection associated with high mortality

Google Maps moved location of Wuhan biolab

CCP burning bodies without testing or registration

Wuhan mayor admitted shortage of testing kits, all suspected cases are already in the pneumonia stage


Infected Countries List
Japan 20 Thailand 19 Singapore 18 South Korea 15 Hong Kong 14 Australia 12 Germany 10 Taiwan 10 United States 11 Macau 8 Malaysia 8 Vietnam 7 France 6 United Arab Emirates 5 Canada 4 India 2 Italy 2 Philippines 2 Russia 2 United Kingdom 2 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Spain 1 Sri Lanka 1 Sweden 1

In 2016 Nature Magazine published an article about China engineering a bat coronavirus and scientists worried it would leak.

In 2010 scientists in Wuhan published a study stating they combined HIV parts with SARS.This was building on a 2007 study where they tried combining a SARS-like bat coronavirus with HIV pseudovirus that was not previously infectious to humans. While they were researching the SARS-like bat Coronavirus, they were unhappy with the low rate at which it infected human cells. So they genetically altered it to make it infect human cells more effectively -- by giving it an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) outer shell, which enabled the SARS-like coronavirus to attack human cells via ACE2 receptors.

2015 study, scientists in Wuhan: They took a bat coronavirus and made a chimera virus that specifically attaches to the ACE2 protein to "to maximize the opportunity for pathogenesis and vaccine studies in mice".
"to maximize the opportunity for pathogenesis and vaccine studies in mice".

And this is significant because what I just described pretty much sums up our current Coronavirus (first study published about COVID-19, ACE2 receptors, same scientists as the study from a decade ago, Peng Zhou) .

A picture of the Lab in Wuhan, tweet from the Chinese gov. in 2018 . Where’s the hazmat suit? N95? Nope. The only BSL4 Lab in all of China, in the epicenter of the outbreak. With Asia’s largest virus bank.

Reports that the lung damage it causes is like a combination of SARS and AIDS.

Know what we have legitimate proof of? SARS accidentally leaking out of bio labs multiple times in China before.

I’m merely spreading legitimate articles, studies, and news stories that span over a decade, all tying back to Wuhan, engineered viruses, bat coronaviruses, shady Chinese student arrests smuggling vials into China and Harvard Bio-Chem head getting money from Wuhan. Canadian government scientists who trained at Wuhan Lab getting fired last year.. They are the facts. What is also a fact is when you piece them all together, they get labeled as unverified claims with absolutely no valid counterargument or evidence against it. Yet, despite how much overwhelming facts point to this, it’s still not true because they said so? Lol.

FYI you’ll notice a lot of these articles have disclaimers (some brand new since yesterday) about them being used as a conspiracy. They offer absolutely no counter argument other than “it came from bats, therefor it is not from the lab.” Uhh okay, not disputing it came from bats... You will also notice the Chinese trolls tearing apart the HIV aspect of this, while ignoring **all the rest of the evidence.** (check comments, obvious whos working for China.)

Watch this get censored.
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thanks for this

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Governments are having to really crack down due to this thing.  Has anyone else noticed the ease with which people are giving up right to assembly and inviting more Government control into their lives, or is it just me?  Not to mention every company seems to have some way they are "helping" in this time of crisis.  Seems like every time we get a crisis massive bill with tyrannical changes gets passed, Patriot Act anyone?

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Patriot Act anyone?

Oh god i hope not!


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