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Point G by Younsou || outrun - retrowave - cyberpunk

IlluminatiPirate · 1808

Point G by Younsou

Description from the artist on Bandcamp Below

"Squad 1 to Squad 2, do you copy? request coordinates for the extraction point, do you copy? ... Shit! No answer!"

not knowing what world we're in and how we got here.
This morning, without remembering what we had done the day before, we woke up in a dark and humid place with a taste of vaginal secretion in our mouth, this hostile and unknown place did not reassured us.

Following strange earthquakes, we were separated from the rest of the unit,
We need to join squad 2 at G-spot, but we don't have the coordinates, hum... but where is it?
We will have to join them blindly.

With my brother in arms and co-pilot we fly over this strange zone in helicopter in order to have a better panorama, in this strange place without horizon everything seems alive, the walls are giant, pleated and viscous.

"There! The rest of the unit! I can see them down there!"
After several hours of flight, we had finally found the G spot, when suddenly, a huge earthquake much more intense than the previous ones throws us and stirs us up like a feather, then without warning, a huge blinding explosion erupts decimating the ground squad, we had to turn around and escape full throttle...
it was necessary to run away urgently, because the breath of the explosion progressed quickly in our direction and threatened to reduce us also to ashes. Me and my brother in arms, filled with adrenaline, closely pursued by the flames of death until they wears off, It was... Intense... Very hard and strangely enjoyable, once the calm returned, we returned on the incident site in order to find potential survivors, unfortunately we found that desolation and ashes mixed with this viscosity...

The next mission will be to find familiar landscapes in order to quickly detect the exit of this evil place before another explosion emerges from nowhere.

(Airshow track is a wink to the Airwolf series)

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