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Title:  Memphis Megahertz and the Kansas City Fractal:メンフィスメガヘルツとカンザスシティフラクタルツとカンザスシティフラクタル

It's done in a coffeetable/quote style book with art scattered inside(roughly 250 pages landscape orientation).  The book follows two nostalgic computers systems on a drive across a Virtual American Empire.  The book is cut in halves, one more rugged and the other emotional(traditional in Vaporwave context).  It was a lot of fun to make and my family critiqued the crap out of it to make sure I didn't fall off the tracks.  I'm also handing out free pdf copies for anyone interested just drop in(I run the telegram room as well.)  I will add the cover of the book below.

PDF "shareware" copy is here

Paperback is also on Amazon(pics of paperback below):

Thanks guys and please enjoy it, I and the Vaporwave Sadplanet telegram had fun making it!

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What an interesting concept for a book! Maybe I've read something like this before.
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