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Cassettes & Vinyl Releases
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:49:07 PM »
I have made this board so everyone in the community can keep track of upcoming release of cassettes and Vinyls.
I will update this board at a later time when I get home

This board is intended for the vaporwave community to keep track of vaporwave Vinyl and cassette releases. It did not occur to me until I saw Pad Chennington's video that many people do not know where and when their favorite vaporwave physical media will be released.

If you know or any upcoming releases or preorders of vinyls, cassettes, or floppies ect, then post them here! You can also embed tweets here
I will be contacting these labels and artists to post their Vinyls/Cassettes here so the vaporwave community isn't scattered all around and not know what is going on.

That is what this board is for. Labels and artists should post their upcoming Vinyls/cassettes here and/or Qrates links,
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Re: Cassettes & Vinyl Releases
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Remember to press notify so you will get an email each time a release is posted


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