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Future Funk Thread

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on: July 21, 2018, 12:45:22 PM


What do you like about the genre?

What was the first futurefunk song or Album you heard?

Who is your favorite artist?

Do you make Future Funk?
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It seems like nobody has posted anything yet, so I guess I'll fill in this gap.

What do you like about the genre?
I like how it 's almost the same concept as french house yet surprisingly different at the same time.
It feels like the funkiest and most dance-able parts of that area condesnsed into a new genre.

I'm not quite sure on how to explain it, but if summer had a soundtrack, Future Funk is the genre.

What was the first futurefunk song or Album you heard?
It was a while back, but If I remember correctly it was Now and Forever by MACROSS 82-99, it had a
lasting impact on me because I've never heard something before that felt like that. It was a mixture
of old elements and new elements put together as a cohesive whole, with a touch of style I can't put
my finger on.

Who is your favorite artist?
Can't quite pick to be honest, there's a lot that I listen to. Although I think some of the main artists that
I listen to include Lemkuuja, MACROSS 82-99, Saint Pepsi, Yung Bae, Night Tempo, and also Fibre.

Do you make Future Funk?
Yes, quite recently I started making some future funk, just to have a go to try and see what I could do with
a sample that others before me have flipped. It's an interesting process, finding chops and screwing around
with the sample, adding new notes with synths, etc.

I think it's still a while before I'll produce anything of a large scale, but for now little projects and singles seem
to be working for me. I spend more time looking for samples than actually making the song sometimes :P

Maybe a musician


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