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About Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe
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What is Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe?
It is a Virtual Cafe where travelers from all around the world can come here to talk about music production, share their music, share their art, and discuss everything and anything to vaporwave!

It includes Vaporwave sub-genres as-well Future Funk, Eccojams, Mallsoft, lo-fi, plunderphonics, Seapunk, Synthwave, Signalwave and many others!

We are a community of vaporwave music artists, graphic designers, and enthusiasts of all things nostalgic. The Macintosh Cafe is the perfect Virtual Cafe for all Vaporwave enthusiasts can call home.

What you will find at Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe
You will find a very friendly atmosphere of other like minded individuals such as yourself! :D Expect to discover new vaporwave music, retro gaming, music production tips, and cool aesthetic art!

Hope to see you here  :)
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Re: About Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe
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This website also pays Tribute Ross Ulbricht A.K.A The Dread Pirate Roberts,

A great man who defy the authoritative government. He was a libertarian who ran the notorious dark web site Silk Road. It was the worlds largest darkweb website and it was a great big FUCK YOU to the rampant war on drugs. He is hero in my eyes but Atlas Ross Ulbricht got caught. He only wanted a Free Market society, free of government influence but the FBI got him. He is going to spend the rest of his young life in prison. Consider making a donation at the Free Ross Fund here
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Re: About Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe
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