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Help Desk: How to use the forum
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Getting Started

Here are four key areas that are normally available to you on the opening page of the forum:

Forum Header - At the top of the forum's opening page you will find the forum header, which contains items such as the forum title, banner and logo. It also has a section with information about you, links to unread messages, as well as the date. There is usually a quick search box located here.

Main Menu - This menu is situated at the very top of the forum and it contains links to the main sections of the forum. On the main menu guests will usually find a link to register, as well as the option to log in. The menu may also have links to search, personal messages, the gallery, profile and the memberlist.

Main Page - This appears on the main page of the forum. Categories are used to make it easier to find the boards that interest you.

Agora Road's Info Center -  The Info Center is located below the all the categories. This will show the recent posts that has been made on the forum, new members, who's online, and recent coffee changes.

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How to make a thread, reply, make a poll.
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Starting a new topic

Go to the board where you wish to post and click on the New Topic button (positioned by default at both the top and the bottom of the board), which will take you to the Start New Topic screen. While this presents a number of options, the two most important are the Subject field and main text area for the message itself. Enter your subject and start typing (or paste) your message in the main text area. Once you are happy with your message, you can post it by clicking the Post button and/or preview it first by using the Preview button.

Replying to a Topic or Poll
To post a message in an existing topic, click on the Reply button which is located both at the top and bottom of the topic. When replying to a topic it is not necessary to enter anything in the subject field unless you wish to change what is already there. To vote in a poll, you simply have to select your chosen option(s) and then click on Submit Vote. You may also be able to do other things with the post, such as attaching a file.

If 'Quick Reply' has been enabled, a simple Reply field will also appear after the posts on a page, but you will have to type your Bulletin Board Code and Smileys manually if you choose to use them.

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Starting a New Poll & Options
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Starting a New Poll
A poll is basically a topic with an added question and voting options, started by selecting New Poll instead of New Topic as described above. To post a poll, it is necessary to fill out the Question field and at least two of the Options fields, in addition to the Subject and Message fields required by a standard topic. The user then fills in additional options to suit their own needs. Please note that only the message can be seen when previewing the poll.

To offer more than five choices in a poll, users should simply select Add Option as many times as desired.

Poll Options
When adding or modifying polls, users have a lot of options available to suit their needs.

Maximum votes per user - Under the Options field, the users will notice the Poll Option field, with the Maximum votes per user line. If the user would like voters to be able to vote more than once in a poll, they need to add the desired number of maximum votes per user.

Run the poll for X days - If the user would like the poll to end or expire in a certain amount of days, they need to enter an integer in the Run the poll for X days field. If they leave this field blank, there will be no limit to how long the poll will run.

Allow users to change vote - This option should be checked if the user would like to allow voters to change their votes. If this option is left unchecked, voters will not be allowed to change their votes.
Show the poll's results to anyone - A user should select this option if they want anyone (members/guests) to be able to view the poll results.

Only show the results after someone has voted - Users should select this option to show the poll's results only after a member has voted. Only registered members may vote in polls.

Only show the results after the poll has expired - Users should select this option if they want to show the poll's results only after the poll has expired. For this option to be available, they must have changed the Run the poll for X days field to a number above zero.

Reset Vote Count - Users should check this if they want to reset all vote counts to zero.

Preview - Just as when a user wishes to post, they have the option of previewing their poll's changes before saving them.

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How to Activate the thumbnails on your post
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The script that is used on your forum will get what ever image you use first will show first. It will show up either with  or on your attatchments below.

for example


 will be the image that will preview the thread you are making

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Help Desk: Your Macintosh Cafe Profile
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There has been many changes to what you can do to your profile to make it a better social experience.
You can change your avatar and your cover photo on your profile page, add friends to a buddy lists, view your awards, post status updates, view your stats, view your forum posts, add your music links, and view the cups of coffee that you have been given.

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