Author Topic: Submit your track to the 1,000 member Celebration Compilation Album here!  (Read 1111 times)

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This is a track I've made with fellow Forum member Isaac Ascii for a future project. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this during the listening party!

"Thank you for choosing Eis-T as your personal refreshment today"

Artist: ソッコ
Song: Anemonia

Gz, happy to hear we finally made it!

Big thanks to Eis-T for draggin me into this last min, while I'm on a hiatus right now. Definitely be there on the listening party.

While Eis already posted a juicy track from a future collab. I also want to contribute something from my own treasure-chest:

Isaac Ascii - we can make it

Online admin

Aaaaaaaand its LOCKED! Thank you everyone for submitting! I will download these tracks and compile them to the album for our listening party on May 23rd! This marks a wonderful achievement for the community, have a good night!

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I wrote a review of every track here, let me know if it was helpful or if you have further questions, happy to help!
"Thank you for choosing Eis-T as your personal refreshment today"


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