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I posted an EP of classic-steam and hardvapour, a collaboration of 2 of my projects, if anyone wants to hear it and wants to leave a review, it's welcome! :)

Made some dreampunk-y dystopian music from an old Yamaha PSS-140!

bro, this environment for dreampunk is sensational, this vibe is absurdly good, i really liked.
General Discussion / Re: What is your favorite anime movie?
« Last post by Greg_Delta on Today at 06:15:48 PM »
controversial opinion, but I've never liked anime. I watched a lot of pokemon/digimon/yu gi oh as a kid, but that wasn't because it was anime related, I don't think in those days I even knew what anime was. I could tell these shows had a similar llok, but it never occured to me they were a genre in themselves

I also loved DBZ, but again, I just liked the fighting, the anime stuff was kind of lost on me. In retrospect it's kind of cringey to me, though I do have a lot of nostalgia and even last month or so, i watched to entire Goku v freeza fight just because

In middle and high school, I really tried to get into anime. Trigun, FLCL, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakisho and this other anime where this kid was a detective who could change his age?...Lupin the 3rd was cool too, and I loved the idea of Gundam

But I just could not get onboard with them. They were too bleh, maybe too much talking and not enough action? I always found most animes to be way up there own asses for my liking. It was all just so melodramatic. And that's not a bad thing, I just felt it didn't really fit...and I also couldn't stand the art style

Having said that, there are too animes that are just great. I love OG Dragonball. I watched it after DBZ and was like..."wow, this is so much more deep than DBZ," and i loved it. varied characters, some humor, every character besides goku actually served a purpose and mattered to the story. Goku and Roshi were great characters and were special. In DBZ everyone can fly and use enrgy blasts and shit and Roshi was reduced to a comedic foil and no character besides the sayians REALLY mattered.

Also, Cowboy bebop is just awesome. Great story, the melodrama fits, incredible soundtrack and it doesn't look ugly as sin
Vaporwave General / Re: Anyone else participating in Bandcamp Day?
« Last post by jankyswans on Today at 01:02:25 PM »
That's fantastic!  I like the idea of exchanging receipts for merchandise. 
Vaporwave General / Re: Anyone else participating in Bandcamp Day?
« Last post by Andy Peterson on Today at 11:17:32 AM »
Not releasing anything new but I've been donating all my Bandcamp revenue to Campaign Zero, Bail Project, and ACLU as well as exchanging donation receipts for cassettes.
I'm still in the learning process myself, but slowing down, tone shifting, and adding echo to your samples makes them appear much longer, and then I add on from there
Vaporwave General / Anyone else participating in Bandcamp Day?
« Last post by jankyswans on Today at 07:58:32 AM »
Bandcamp is waiving revenue sharing today, and a lot of artists are donating the extra profits to causes they support.  I decided that with the release of my debut EP, I'd donate the proceeds (plus a little extra) to Campaign Zero, a group dedicated to ending heavy-handed / violent policing in the US.  So far, I've raised about $40!  Is anyone else participating today?
General Discussion / Re: What is your favorite anime movie?
« Last post by vmrrobotic on Today at 05:18:38 AM »
Your Name and Akira. They are so cool.
Video Games / Re: What are the most aesthetic games out there?
« Last post by vmrrobotic on Today at 04:24:29 AM »
Katana Zero is pretty A E S T H E T I C. It is really similar to hotline miami, but in my opinion it has better storytelling and controls

Hi everyone! Im new at making vaporwave (I only made a few tracks and they aren't even published) and I made some eccojams-like songs. The thing is, I would like to make a track or some with vaporambient style (like 2 8 1 4 or something) but there aren't any tutorials about how to make it sound vapor, and that is what im searching. (sorry if my inglish isn't really good, Im Spanish)
That was my inspiration ^^ (and the album "death and life are the same)
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