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Re: Improvement & Feedback Thread
Alright look this place could be good but the formatting and design on this forum is horrendous
and i mean, having been to numerous forums, this has got to be one of the worst. What a mess, sorry

Tiny buttons, horrible font, huge images, garbage icons. The only good thing is the b&w color scheme and maybe the smilies
Look man, you gotta focus on the content:screen ratio. If a single post takes up half my screen it better be worthwhile. But it's not. Your design is horrible. Also forums are good because they promote lengthy and in depth discussions (e.g. the "what is [subgenre]?" threads. I like them), so stop using this place mainly for small talk and posting threads with single links. go do that in the chat room.

Also delete all the pointless subtopics. They should exist out of necessity when the time comes. But you've only just started a forum you can't expect everyone to spread out their content across such a large variety of topics.

Scrap most/all of this design and start over. I mean at a glance this forum looks nice but within two seconds you realise it's a mess. here's an example image of a forum I used to frequent which had a decent theme made entirely from scratch. I know it's not vaporwave but just to show you that this can all be done easily, just ask for lots of critique in chatrooms (or telegram)

You have some good points here but I did decide to take out the swearing and try to fix the interpunction (I'm really bad at interpunction).
Personally anything that is meant as valid critique but swears anywhere where it could be avoided starts feeling more like an attack than critique.
Which doesn't inherently mean the points which are made are bad, just that the delivery could be smoother.

But yeay,
The design can feel clunky like with image and embed size but also in the messaging system and inbox.
Topics can be put together more so activity isn't so spread out is also a good one.

Maybe look at more other forums and see what they do right and wrong?

February 25, 2020, 05:37:08 AM
Re: What is your favorite anime movie? angel's eggAngel's EggAngel's EggAngel's EggAngel's EggAngel's EggANGEL'S EGG
April 03, 2020, 05:45:19 AM
Re: Submit your track to the 1,000 member Celebration Compilation Album here! If anybody wants to collaborate on a track that be cool
May 03, 2020, 01:45:09 PM
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