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>mE nEed HAlp. I have R.I.P. situation, I'm studying graphic design and we must make book, my topic was "Beggining of vaporwave", but then my lecturer changed it into consumerism :) (kill me), still I would like to use vaporwave design in it and I was wondering maybe I could make new topic about consumerism in vaporwave. Probably I wrote all in a bit complicated way, but maybe someone has any ideas about consumerism and vaporwave together?

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I'd say the connection between vaporwave and consumerism is ambivalence. vaporwave is BOTH a nonstalgic glorification of excessive 90's consumer culture AND a (marxist) critique of late capitalism. I see why your teacher changed the theme as it is so strongly connected!
some other people wrote school essays about vaporwave and posted em here on the forum. I suggest you have a look cause there is some great stuff written about vaporwave.

another interesting aspect of today's vaporwave scene is the whole 12" and casette collector culture that has emerged. how did a anti-capitalist internetculture that was about giving screwed and stolen records away for free on bandcamp become so obsessed with paying 100,- for a rare vinyl? Do VW fans collect "ironically"? Has capitalism found its way to co-opt another anti-capitalist culture?
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Thank you so much for your answer! I'll check those essays for sure. When I'll finish the book, I'll share it on here too.