Author Topic: Why is the media elite pushing "Insect Eating"?  (Read 53 times)


Why is the media elite pushing "Insect Eating"?
« on: July 28, 2018, 11:54:45 AM »
Why are media websites pushing for entomophagy so hard? Just google "eating insects" and you get bombarded with articles about how we need to all start eating insects and giving up beef and whatnot because it's more "sustainable". The problem isn't sustainability, grocery stores are forced (in America anyway) to throw out boatloads of food every week because the goverment says they have to when that food could still be sold or donated.

Yall think the rich elite in America are gonna give up steak and start eating bugs and drinking cockroach milk (the new superfood THEY are pushing, it's not a milk its a yellowish juice made from their stomach crystals) like the rest of us? You think Hilary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg and Soros are gonna just start willingly eat bugs for the rest of their lives?

It's a way to normalize eating grubs and shit while the rich elite hoard the good food for themselves. There was a paper or an article or a book written by a guy explaining how a country had planned this exact scenario but it never game to fruition, if anyone has the link to it I would appreciate it very much.

Drink your cockroach milk, citizen.


Re: Why is the media elite pushing "Insect Eating"?
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Stuff like this is why I don't read or watch msm anymore lol. I stay away from meat and I'm doing just fine without bugs haha.